Thanks for visiting I hope you find this website a great resource for a “Clean Eating” lifestyle and for creative ways to reduce the amount of over-processed, unhealthy foods you consume.

“Clean Eating” is a term used to describe consuming foods that have not been processed, or at least not over processed, and are as close to their original state from nature as possible.  Clean eating is not a method of dieting, starving or depriving yourself, but rather a realistic view of what food’s purpose is pertaining to the human body. It is important to look at food for what it is; nourishment for our bodies. Not every meal needs to be an epic culinary experience. Sometimes we just need high quality fuel to keep our bodies functioning properly. This doesn’t mean opting for cardboard or bland options but rather putting effort into planning our food choices for the day and being aware of what that food has in it.

Because of busy lifestyles, finding and cooking with organic, unprocessed foods can sometimes be challenging but you need to be diligent. Your long term health is definitely worth the effort it takes to eat healthy.  Reducing the amount of unhealthy, processed food you eat even some is better than being oblivious as to what is in the food you eat. Hope you enjoy the site.

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