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Thank you for visiting I want to share my experience of changing my Dr. Pepper addictive, fast food loving, killing myself with what I was eating old life to my new way of looking at food life.

To begin…When my doctor told me I might be prone to Type II Diabetes and needed to exercise, I ignored him. When my doctor told me I needed to eat better and exercise because I was getting closer to Type II Diabetes, I ignored him. It wasn’t until my doctor assured me that because of my triglycerides and blood sugar levels Type II Diabetes would be in my near future that I decided to get off my rear and make a change. I did not make this change willingly and joyfully: but rather begrudgingly.

I added the above boring medical part because everyone needs to know that I am not one of those people that just loves eating healthy and exercising: the kind of person that really loves planning and cooking any and every healthy thing on the planet. I was like most people not interested in taking the time to educate myself about what I was putting in my body and what long term effect poor eating can have.

Dieting has never been the answer for me. As soon as I know I can’t have something, that is all my stomach wants. In my opinion going on a diet is setting yourself up for failure. A better option is to look at food for what it is, nourishment for our bodies. Not every meal needs to be an epic culinary experience, sometimes we just need high quality fuel to keep our bodies functioning properly. This doesn’t mean opting for cardboard or bland options, but rather putting effort into planning our food choices for the day and being aware of what that food has in it.

Don’t consider this transformation a life of dieting, rather a life of label reading and getting back to basics. Our world is killing itself by not taking the time to really educate ourselves about what we put in our bodies.

Some things to help you begin and stay with this new way of dealing with food:
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